Saturday Safety Forum Videos

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2023.11.04  Business Meeting and presentation by Sarah Jo James from Rosie the Riveter 

2023.05.06  Business Meeting and presentation by Sue Clark on Animal Rescue with planes 

2023.04.01  Business Meeting and presentation by Greg Kerr on Black Fly Drones 

2023.02.04  Business Meeting and a presentation by Rich Finkle on Beta AWC Graphical Wx Briefing (Experimental)

2023.01.07  Business Meeting and a presentation by Stu Sims on Aircraft Radios from WWI to the present

2022.12.03  Business Meeting with presentation on 'Navigating MDPA website by Rich Finkle

2022.1 .05 "Breakfast Meeting with presentation on Foreflight by Ryann Bailley @ 14:16 "

2022.10.01 "General Meeting presentation on Mt. Diablo"

2022.09.10 "General Meeting Follow up Slides"

2022.09.10 "General Meeting Presentation Video - MDPA Future Initiatives"

2022.03.05 "Back Country Airports & Accident" Presented by Rich Finkle

2022.02.05 "Transponders Part 2" presented by Stewart Sims

2022.01.08 "Back Country Airports" Presented by Rich Finkle 2021.12.04 "Gear Up Landing - Lessons Learned" Presented by Paul Millner

2021.11.06 "Building Your Own Airplane" Presented by Harvard Holmes

2021.10.02 "Airport Report", Presented by Beth Lee

2021.09.11 "SFO Abandoned Airstrips (Mtg Recording)" & "Original Video", Presented by Rich Finkle

2021.06.05  "Zoom business meeting.  Attendee discussion about airport restaurants"

2021.05.01 "Foreflight Tips, Part 2" presented by Ryan Baillie

2021.04.03 "Foreflight Tips, Part 1" presented by Ryan Baillie

2021.03.06 "My Two Accidents" presented by Randy Graham

2021.02.06 "Airport Update" presented by Keith Freitas

2021.01.09 "Transponders" presented by Stewart Sims

2020.12.05 "A view from an A&P" presented by Ammar Nazir, PSA

2020.11.17 "What I learned today flying" book presented by John Potter

2020.10.03 "Carbon Monoxide Detection" presented by Rich Cunningham

2020.09.12 "Fuels, Oils and Fuel-ishness" Paul Millner

2020.08.01 "Formation Flying" presented by Ron Lem

2020.07.11 "United Airlines Flight 232:  How Organizational Learning and Cockpit Resource Management Mitigated the Consequences,"  presented by Richard Steckel.

2020.05.20 "May Safety Forum"

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