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Using the Classified Ads

Aircraft Services:

The most comprehensive list of service providers is maintained by the airport administration
at this web address:  Buchanan Field Airport Businesses and Services

However, there are independent providers of aircraft services who come recommended for the quality of their work. The listings are organized alphabetically and are not advertisements.  Click here: Aircraft Services

Buy and Selling:

MDPA Members may submit ads (including pictures) in two ways:

For airplanes, airplane projects, and hangar sales & rentals, use the "Airplanes and Hangars page". These plane and hangar ads will be viewable by the public as well as MDPA members so make sure your contact info is guarded against spambots, etc.  
Click here: Airplanes and Hangars For Sale/Rent

If the ad makes for a successful sale/purchase/rental, we ask for a $100 contribution to the MDPA scholarship fund sent to the MDPA mailing address.

For anything and everything else you want to sell/buy/rent/give away that's airplane, pilot, or hangar-related, use the "MDPA Flea Market" blog. It's free and you can post your entry yourself. Click here: MDPA Flea Market

The Flea Market page is viewable only by MDPA members. This precaution is necessary to filter out hackers and other types of troublemakers.

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